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Audit, install & integrate your IT & networking needs with less effort.



.turnkey solution

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Simple & efficient.

Call our expert team.


Choosing a cabling solution can be difficult. Study your environment, your constraints to provide the optimal solution.

Don’t make compromise between your budget and great performances.

Remotes Hands

Find it hard to move, we can be your hands and eyes on site. We support you with our fast response to solve quickly your demands, issues & changes.

Network Integration

Would you like to install some news equipements, audit or identify your racks, add some additional network plug (RJ45), add a new optical fiber bypass? We provide your demands and more.


Choosing the rights equipments at the best price is one of our goal. We carefully select the manufacturers we work with. 

Our team is trained to use a wide range of products by fluffing the manufacturer standard. 


WIFI Access is a real asset for your clients and your team.

We study your wireless network cover with the latest wifi standards (AC,G, N, 6) to provide the best possible installation.

Datacenter Solutions

You want to move in the Cloud  (Relocation, Transfert). The externalisation of your IT Tools in the the Cloud require a lot of Networking Skills. It is not easy to have the suffisant team to handle this kind of situation. We provide you assistance and our experience to manage your project remotely  wetether through the installation, the migration, the integration, the removal or the decommissioning.

About us

FIBDATA is innovating and dynamic company in the networks Field.


Our Goal is to create completes solutions to fulfill every needs of our clients.


Every need is unique & deserve the best solution.


Our core profession is to help you find the best  answer to the communication of tomorrow.


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Advices & support

We provide our support on  progress of our projects.

We follow your project from the start to the end. We prepare and organize with you every step of your plan. We provide a fast and reliable deployment.

our  services

Following up of your projects 


We organize and prepare yours deployments and to facilitate your organisation.


With our expert team, we realize a quick with quality control delivery service.

Acceptance Processes & Tests

Realx. We test carefully each of our cable and we provide you every single test and certification necessary.

Discuss with one of our Experts to find your solution starting from today

We put our Live Chat at your disposal so you can chat with one of our experts to find  the best Solution to suit your specific needs.


Detailed Study

Custom made offer

From the start until the end, we provide a turnkey service.

Audit of your project.

Study of your needs and your environment.

Study of your technical constraints.

Custom made proposal.

we work with them

Our Partenaires

 Our Support

Support & Maintenance

Our technical support is here to listen and solve all your issues and problems.  We offer our maintenance to follow up your installations.


Satisfaction client

Our customer satisfaction is a priority. We put our effort to offer a solution in terms of technology and innovation.


Garantee of Quality

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